The Five Faces Platform

The Five Faces platform is an enterprise cloud-based platform designed to manage small to very large (10 000 end points) site networks of visual devices. These can be digital screens, interactive screens, tablets, mobile phones or a combination - all of which are managed together from the same platform. 

The benefits of utilsing the Five Faces platform include:

* Providing timely, informative and relevant messages to your audience with the ability to control messages centrally from wherever you are
* Providing a better experience to your audience by having full visibility over the systems' status and receive detailed reports on audience interaction
* Providing a more targeted message by allowing local site personnel to control content with your permission and approval
* Increase efficiency by having one platform to manage your digital signage, kiosks and other devices
* Lower costs and operational requirements with a fully managed and hosted solution on the Five Faces Platform
* Increase data collection efficiencies by digitally collecting data and information from your audience and integrating with your loyalty programs/databases
* Build automation by integrating the Five Faces platform and devices to your existing information systems and mobile apps

The easiest way to understand the power of Five Faces and our platform is to contact us via the form on the right and we can give you a live demonstration in person or online.

The following links are some resources to learn more about the Five Faces platform and its features and requirements:

Basic Software & Features


Privacy & Data Security Policy


Customisations, Data Feeds & Integration


Kiosk CMS


Infrastructure & IT Requirements  







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